Thanks for watching prismaeya coolstream! Now a word from our sponsors!

LIVE2D by @isuku_amako
rigging by pyroserenus
designed by me

Subscriber alert art by jellyfilledzombies
Follow alert art, pop mika and gun emote by engawa110
Ending screen by gohantabeteta
Magic Room Assets by Saragus Digital
Sub badges by BryanGeeDesignsLLC
Wiggly Emote by CATJEST3R
Pixel-style emotes by kael pxl
banner is by ninomarukokuzu
Background assets are by: norah's pot
particles and fairies are by sunnymotions
prisma dance emote by eightyeight design (via vgen)

These chibis are by yuyuzu11
BRB screen artwork/animation is by rizu99%
additional assets by bowtieartistdesigns my FFXV mods were made by bricklebork!
The reactive hands controller for vtube studio is here
The star blankie I use is by @nanoade_ but I sometimes use the catboymech ones.
NEW stinger is by MoshiMochiCo
glasses are from here
SOME ASSETS ARE CLIP-ART/STOCK ART ETC. Feel free to ask about where my assets are from!!